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... ^_^

I'm trying to work out the exact point where this transcends corniness and becomes absolutely adorable ...

*wanders off singing about a-rach-uh-nids*



'mala dies' sounds sinister

The Romans used to believe that some days were fas and some were nefas (incidentally, where we get 'nefarious' from). You would have to be a loony to expect things to turn out right on a nefas day. Chinese and Japanese people believe similar things about certain days.

Yesterday, I had a nefas day, a conjunction of stars and planets so adverse that absolutely nothing could go right. It was a mistake to get out of bed! So take warning. I tell now The Tale of the Story of the Saga of the Training Day.

(No, really, take warning. I am very bored and it is very long.)

The Tale of the Story of the Saga of the Training DayCollapse )

I also find it weirdly cheering to think what a bizarrely fun day I had misadventuring around the place. It may not have been going-to-visit-the-Sun-Goddess adventure, or where-the-HELL-is-this-guy-on-the-bicycle-TAKING-me adventure, which I do miss. But I just found it a timely reminder that sometimes, while you're shuffling to work in the same stiff suit to catch the same cramped bus, life will throw your hat over the fence and giggle hysterically at you as you run around after it - and frankly, I find that awesome.

(Could do with a new pair of shoes, or feet, though. Twelve blisters on both feet ... coo)

Terminator 4: Antibacterial Day

I have a day off today. It shall be a Day of Cleaning the moment I extract myself from these blankets and this laptop (barcode effect increasing exponentially now ... I guess the VGA monitor was doing more to alleviate Silicon Insanity than I thought).

Obviously I haven't done either of those things yet, and have instead completed a book list meme swiped from age.

Aforementioned Book List MemeCollapse )

I have also done what I have been meaning to do since early 2007, which is to say I have fixed my LJ filters. I now have: Unfiltered (you're reading it), RL filter, Writing Ramble filter, Actual Writing filter, Talechasing filter, Games filter and AFL filter (population one but awesome nonetheless T_T). Your interest or lack thereof to date in any given subject has been expertly determined by the application of a personality matrix*. This AQGBTA** matrix has however been known to fail, so from now on, if you hear about something in which you have no interest whatsoever, let me know.

* Unfortunately there is no Meaningless Dribble filter. If you don't want meaningless dribble, you friended the wrong journal. For example:

aaaaaaargh don't make me go and clean ;_;
okay fine. be that way.

** A Quick Glance Back Through Archives
ZzzzzzzzzCollapse )

Rather dull, sorry. Unlike THIS!

I love the goddamn internet :D

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

That's actually a car ad, isn't it? No matter.

At the moment I should be finishing off an online application - public service intake for the following year closes April of the preceding year in most departments, oddly - but ... ha! Make me! No, don't, please, it's hideously boring and full of crap ("provide an example where you worked with others in a group to achieve a common goal. please state the situation, your action and the outcome." are you kidding me? do I have to wear the school uniform again too?). I do actually have a job now - that interview I mentioned a while back with the WA Police went better than I somehow thought at the time, and it looks like I start next week - but it's just a temporary thing while I scrounge up an actual career, so it seems wise to try to get into something else next year.

Can't say I'm insanely enthusiastic about any of it, but meh. Work is not supposed to be interesting. Work is supposed to be what you do while you're wishing you could do something else - something to make you appreciate your weekends more XD

I have had a nice day today, delightfully full of mediaeval maybeship-nails and archaeological Thames beach detritus (you UK madames get pipe-stems and pottery fragments washing up on shore ... we get six-pack plastics and stubbies), because saltnester is made of several densely packed layers of awesome.

Also, I have eaten fifteen Anzac biscuits. Take up my challenge IF YOU DARE (and if you know what an Anzac biscuit actually is, come to think of it ;P).

A Sign of the End Times

Pal: What are you up to right now?
Me: Oh, just checking email for the first time in a while ... sort of lolling around on the couch, you know ...
Pal: Really? What's so funny?


*curls into a little ball and weeps* T_T

I r go shoot a friggin lolcat now, rawr!!

Heh heh heh

If you can read Japanese, I wonder if you've checked what day it is today ..?

... the date for that entry being, of course, April Fools Day (Australian time). O;D

Muahahaha!! Ah, but you lot are too sharp for me.

Just to clarify, then: Lorannon's lifetime laser ban is still VERY much in force (*shudder*), Isaille would never manage to pilot interstellar technology just by mashing the keyboard with her fist, and Schiri would curl up into a cranky ball of eternal sulk if someone confiscated his sword AND his body. Not to mention that the world certainly ain't ready for Nuan in a skin-tight spacesuit XD XD

I do have this unbearable compulsion to put an Acarthian or two in space and see what they do now, though. Damn! I have paid >_>;;

... where on earth did the 'oak' come into it, I wonder? O_o